Vol 10 (2021): February
Human Resource Management

Development of Human Resources in Android-based Information System for People with Social Welfare Problems
Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia dalam Sistem Informasi Berbasis Android untuk Penyandang Masalah Kesejahteraan Sosial

Arman Arman
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Ichsan University, Indonesia *
Alang Alang
School of Information and Computer Management, Ichsan University, Indonesia
Yusrianto Malago
Faculty of Computer Sciences, Ichsan University, Indonesia

(*) Corresponding Author
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Published February 4, 2021
  • android,
  • services,
  • human resource management
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Arman, A., Alang , A., & Malago, Y. (2021). Development of Human Resources in Android-based Information System for People with Social Welfare Problems . Indonesian Journal of Law and Economics Review, 10, 10.21070/ijler.2021.V10.689. https://doi.org/10.21070/ijler.2021.V10.689


The problem in this study is that the process of data collection and final report of Persons with Social Welfare Problems  has not been computerized properly so that the process of procurement of goods and distribution of assistance for has not been effective and well target. With the aim of his research To simplify the data collection process and  final report so that the process of procurement of goods and distribution of aid is more effective and on target. The object of this research is the Procurement Information System and Distribution of Assistance for Persons with Social Welfare Problems  in the Gorontalo-based Gorontalo City Social Service with the method used in designing this information system is a descriptive method that is research aimed at solving problems systematically and factually about the facts studied. The design phase includes, model design, output design, Input design, database design  and technology design, to the system testing stage. Analysis of the data where the data obtained in the field will be analyzed in a qualitative manner. Qualitative analysis is used to describe the efforts made in the form of human resource development in the information service system of assistance for people with problems based on android-based social welfare towards smart city. The results obtained show that the application can be made and used.


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